Final Designs ~ Concept 2


These are the final designs for Concept 2 ~ Mediterranean

These were submitted as the solution to the brief. The labels for the Olive Oils were printed on Dry Rub Off Decal Paper and applied to bottles which I had sourced that I felt were contemporary and fitted the brief and concept.

Logo, Labels and packaging

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Further Development to finals ~ Concept 2


The final logo design and labels for the Olive Oil bottles are below


I then had to develop the packaging design for the herbs. I worked on a couple of different packaging shapes, but then decided it was best to keep it simple. The final packaging can be created out of one piece of card with only one edge and the top flap needing to be glued. On reflection I would put a slot and tab on the opening flap so it could be easily re-closed. I felt the warm orange colours of the Olive Oil labels did not evoke the feeling of Organic Herbs so I experimented with various shades of green.

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The final colour and layout of the packaging on the flat. Each of the herbs had suggestions for their use on the back of their packaging.

med pack


The final packaging for the herbs.

med packs2